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Mt Erskine Hawker Center

We followed a friend to the Mt Erskine Hawker Center as he was looking to enjoy some Penang popiah during his short trip home. Although it was almost 3pm, the place was still relatively packed. Despite already having lunch, we couldn’t resist ordering the Chendol to help us cool down from the hot and humid [...]

Yeng Keng a Heritage Boutique Hotel

I had the good fortune to be invited for a sneak peek at the recently opened Yeng Keng Hotel at 362 Chulia Street in the heart of George Town, Penang. The building, which dates to the 1800s, has recently been restored and transformed into a beautiful 20 room boutique hotel.
The owner had shared that the [...]


Rojak is the local fruit salad which consists of bite sized pieces of crunchy cucumber, pineapple, green mango, “Jambu Air” (Eugenia Javanica or Java Apple), turnip (jicama or yambean), bean sprouts, soybean puffs and fried dough fritters. The salad is dressed with an exotic mix of sugar, chilli, lime juice and “heh ko” or a [...]


Chendol is a Nyonya shaved ice dessert which is an excellent treat on hot, humid days. While it may strike the first time traveler to Penang as bowl of green worms, this dessert is much more pleasing to the tastebuds than first impressions! Chendol refers to the translucent jade green gelatinous noodle that is the [...]