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Outlet Re-using Straws…Are We Surprised?

The Star had a news expose today, reporting that a Pulau Tikus restaurant was caught washing and re-using straws. Read it here.

Blurrgggh. Imagine someone’s dirty straw which has already been use to pick teeth, just rinsed and re-used. I can picture the sheer amount of bacteria being introduced into your Kopi-O Peng or your Barley Peng. If the straw is still nice and round, the re-using would probably be happening over and over and over again….I mean how do you tell if a straw is already been through one round of recycling?

Transformer's Megan Fox is Bacteriaphobic

Am I surprised? Not really. The fact that the news article had interviews with people who had this experience shows that this type of misdeed does indeed occur.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes as well, being done in a school canteen.

What I find hard to believe in the news report is that the restaurant  workers would collect used straws and wash them without instructions from “management”. After all, it is more work for them, and the beneficiaries of this activity are the restaurant operators themselves in the form of reduced costs. But come lah…how much can a packet of straws be? I’m all for cost saving but this is a public health hazard.  I don’t mind if a NEW long straw has been cut into half so that it can be used for two drinks and then discarded, but this dirty deed of reusing straws needs to be addressed with more than a stern warning.

This is exactly the reason to get your Hepatitis B jabs folks.

So spare a thought for your fellow diner the next time you go out, roll your straws after using it and pop them. That’s what we used to do at the mamak. It’s fun and it guarantees that the straws will be impossible to be recycled for the next unsuspecting customer!

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