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Penang Street Food – Top 25 in Malaysia

The Holy Grail for an app developer is to be featured in the Top 25 List. This means that you have reached enough downloads in the country to earn a spot in the hallowed list.

As of today, Penang Street Food is sitting at a very pretty No. 3 position. We are happy and humbled that the app has made it to this list, especially when it is competing with a plethora of free games and sports apps out in the universe of 200,000 apps globally. What this actually means is that Penang hawker food on its own is a great brand and has a strong following!

The question that remains is whether Penang street food can command the attention of others to earn the Top 25 accolade in Singapore or Indonesia or UK?

We certainly hope to but such an achievement would not be possible without the continued support of all you lovers of Penang hawker food! In the world of apps, word-of-mouth or social media marketing is a very powerful medium, so your help counts to spread the app to your friends and associates beyond Malaysian shores. Let your gastronomic adventures continue…..

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