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Chee Cheong Fun

World travelers to Hong Kong may already be familiar with Chee Cheong Fun, which literally means pig’s intestine noodle in Cantonese. Chee Cheong Fun refers essentially to the flat rice noodles which are served in rolls resembling its namesake, pig’s intestines. However, the Penang take on this Cantonese noodle delicacy is a rather different offering.

While the Hong Kong version of Chee Cheong Fun is freshly steamed and includes fresh shrimp and sliced barbecued pork and served in a mild soy sauce, this Northern Malaysian version is a humble dish which is devoid of any prawns or meat.

This simple dish gets its winning flavor from a trifecta of sauces – thnee cheo (Hokkien for the dark-reddish sweet sauce), hae ko (the ubiquitous prawn paste found in many Penang food delicacies) and huan cheo (chili paste). The sauces are doused liberally over the rice noodles, and the dish is topped with toasted sesame seeds and a little bit of oil. The Penang version of Chee Cheong Fun is certainly bold tasting with sweet, salty, pungent and spicy flavours all in one dish.

Expect to pay around RM2 for a plate of Chee Cheong Fun.

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2 Responses to “Chee Cheong Fun”

  1. Matt Brandon says:

    My favorite version of Chee Cheong Fun is found at the Tanjun Bungah Market. There is a man there who used to be a top shef in one of the areas 5 star hotels. He has now retired and sell Chee Cheong Fun as just something to do. Ask for Mr Robert's stall.

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