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Real Char Kway Teow vs Wannabe

I have recently been spending some time in a nearby island republic.  During my stay, my mind at meal times would always stray to the food that I missed most – Penang streetfood! My misery was made worse one night  when I decided to take a chance and try the “Penang Char Kway Teow” served at an establishment supposedly famed for its version of Penang’s most famous dish.

This is NOT Char Kway Teow

As you can imagine, I was bitterly disappointed. Can you tell the why I was disappointed from the image above?

Naturally, I had to make up for it the moment I landed back in Penang. The result was an overindulgent dinner that contributed a kilogram or two to my prosperity.

My feast upon return to Penang

The luscious, juicy prawns were sinful

Here are more lip-smacking pictures:

Generous serving of fresh oysters

The oysters were fresh and tasty

Which one to eat first? Oyster or Char Kway Teow?

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