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George Town Festival 2010 Revisited

Here are some photos from last year’s festival to whet your appetite for George Town Festival 2011 taking place in Penang, Malaysia for the entire month of July, a celebration of the anniversary of the declaration of George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Real Char Kway Teow vs Wannabe

I have recently been spending some time in a nearby island republic.  During my stay, my mind at meal times would always stray to the food that I missed most – Penang streetfood! My misery was made worse one night  when I decided to take a chance and try the “Penang Char Kway Teow” served [...]

A break from Street Food – The 1st Penang International Gourmet Festival

It has been low key, but Penang has certainly got its act together by organising the first Penang International Gourmet Festival (PIGF) from 22 December 2010 until 2 January 2011.  The PIGF is one of the highlights of the Ministry of Tourism’s Fabulous Food 1Malaysia programme.  And I must say the PIGF is an interesting [...]

Top 5 Penang Experiences

There’s something for everyone in Penang.  While this is not meant to be a travelers’ shortlist (visitors are certainly welcome to it), I felt it relevant to name the Top 5 list of  Penang experiences from a local’s perspective…mine.
1. Feast on a smorgasbord of street food in George Town

You can’t escape it.  We (the locals) wax [...]