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Top Tips to Avoid the Streetfood “Delhi Belly” Syndrome

Do you really want to know?

For those who are used to travelling and are adventurous in terms of food, there is inevitably the risk of contracting “Delhi Belly”*. I’ve certainly gotten my fair share of it in China, Vietnam, Bangkok and Turkey.  I guess I must have taken enough precautions in India due to the notoriety of the cleanliness of the food [...]

Penang Vs Klang Valley Hawker Food – Why There is NO Fight

Why does Penang hawker food have the edge over Klang Valley hawker food in terms of taste?
If we were to compare one of Penang’s numerous delicacies, e.g. Char Kway Teow, why does Char Kway Teow taste better in Penang than the Char Kway Teow found in the Klang Valley?
The kway teow used is similar (but [...]

Penang Street Food makes it to iPhone 4

As of today (06/24/2010), I probably became the first person to install the Penang Street Food iPhone app on the iPhone 4. After lining up for 3.5 hours (relatively short compared to other cities) here in Boston, I was relieved to be holding one on the way out while others in the back of the [...]

Best Char Kway Teow Outside Penang?

I speak from personal experience when I say that the thing Penangites miss the most when away from home (apart from family and friends, that is) is its wonderful hawker food. For sure, there has been a mushrooming of hawkers and cafes alike purporting to cater to the palates of Penangites, who now call KL [...]