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Battle of the Biscuit: Ghee Hiang v Him Heang

Apart from its famous street food, Penang is also famous for its tau sar pheah. The Star newspaper had an interesting article today about the history of two iconic biscuits brands in Penang, Him Heang and Ghee Hiang.  Ghee Hiang was the pioneer of Penang’s tau sar pheah, established in 1856.  Its popularity in the [...]

Poll Results – Which Penang Char Kway Teow is better?

Ok, the results are in….
As of June 9 after 26 votes globally the winner of the better Penang Char Kway Teow is…*drum roll*….Heng Huat (Lorong Selamat)! Sister’s CKT lost out by 5 votes.

Interestingly we have gotten a few votes from Europe. I didn’t realise that the Greeks like our CKT!

Not happy with this result? You [...]